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Events and Education

Click below to learn about our programs:

  • School and College Field Trips - Science based, grade specific programs for your students.
  • Environmental Stewardship - We offer two adult environmental education certification courses: Climate Stewards and California Naturalist. Both certifications are community college level, interdisciplinary, science centered courses that combine a minimum of 40 hours of classroom and field learning.
  • Sheep and Rangeland Management - Classes to support you working with sheep or managing your flock including Sheep Shearing and Basic Care 101, Lambing School.
  • Public Events - Visit HREC to learn from the site and the science. Hiking, nature journaling, wildlife tracking and more...

We support and host educational programs that:

  • Promote Economic Prosperity in California.
  • Protect California's Natural Resources.
  • Promote Healthy People and Communities.
  • Build Climate-Resilient Communities and Ecosystems.
  • Develop an Inclusive and Equitable Society.

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