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Jul 10, 2023

Advance knowledge and understanding in ecology and natural resource management on a beautiful 5,358 acre oak woodland landscape in Northern California.

Staff Research Associate 2: This position leads, under Director and PI supervision, most aspects of field research activities at the Hopland Research and Extension Center (HREC). The primary focus of this position is on project management of up to 20 different research projects in diverse fields of study within agriculture and natural resources. This range includes plant science, soil science, animal science, wildlife ecology, oak woodland ecology, fire science, rangeland management, and hydrology. This position interacts with Primary Investigators (PIs) throughout the research process, from idea generation through project creation and refinement including design planning, plot construction, project implementation and management, data collection, analysis, and reporting. This position assists with most duties related to livestock management of HREC's sheep flock, and all field maintenance activities required to keep a 5,358-acre research center functioning. In addition, this position will assist with or lead public outreach activities and extension events.

This position is a career appointment that is 100% fixed.

Pay Scale: $27.09/hour to $35.34/hour
Closing Date: Until Filled

UC ANR is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


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By Hannah Bird
Author - Community Educator 2