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#92-06 Cultural Markings on the Landscape: the PCN Pecked Curvilinear Nucleated Tradition in the Coastal Ranges

Donna Gillette, Dept. of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

past 92-06 HREC
Five boulders or clusters of boulders on the Center’s property exhibit cultural markings, known as “pecked curvilinear nucleated” shapes and forms, including some cupules, typical of similar markings in the landscape of the Coast Ranges of northern California.  Various techniques applied to artifacts of various types collected at the Center place humans on the Center’s landscape at various times over the last ~6,000 years.  There is evidence that different sites were occupied at different times by Native Americans.  Assignment of the rock art to a temporal period, based on techniques such as soil dating, oxidizable carbon ratio, and optical stimulated luminescence, is still inconclusive.

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