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#82-12 Cold-Hardy Mandarins

Deborah Giraud, UCCE Humboldt County

Cold Hardy Mandarins
A trial was initiated at Hopland in 2013 to determine cold hardiness of mandarin citrus cultivars. New varieties coming from China and from the clonal program at UC Riverside reportedly are more cold tolerant. Survival, growth, and low temperatures that severely damage or kill the trees will be measured. Small farms on the North Coast are seeking new crops to grow for farmers’ markets and local food sources.  A mild winter climate is experienced in coastal areas, but inland valleys with the high summer heat needed for citrus to mature can experience cold temperatures that set back most citrus groves every 6 years or so. However, hillside plantings with good air drainage may be able to grow mandarins, which typically can survive 20ºF. A secondary objective is to protect mandarin germplasm, growing in isolation from other citrus, should new diseases infect foundation stock in commercial citrus production areas.

#85-06 Mediterranean Winegrapes Cultivar Evaluation 2

Glenn McGourty, UCCE, Mendocino and Lake Counties

Mediterranean Winegrape Cultivar Evaluation 2
Fourteen winegrape cultivars of Mediterranean origin have been planted in a replicated trial to evaluate their suitability for use in California. Vine performance and fruit quality are being evaluated, including yield per vine, dormant pruning weights, cluster number and weight, berry size, percent brix sugar, pH, and titratable acidity. Phenological data collected include budbreak, flowering, veraison, and harvest. The vineyard is available for tours by interested persons.

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