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Grass Identification Class

Date: June 2, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Contact: Hannah Bird (707) 744 1424 ext 105

Sponsor: Hopland Research and Extension Center

Location: 4070 University Rd, Hopland, CA 95449, USA

Event Details

Introduction to Grasses

The grass family is among one of the largest and most diverse groups of flowering plants in California with well over 500 species in 103 genera. We’ll explore the diversity of grasses through lecture, site visits, and identification exercises using dichotomous keys.  Grass identification is based largely on a good understanding of spikelet morphology, so participants will become acquainted to the terminology used to describe grasses then apply that to the identification of common native and exotic species in the field.  We’ll look at how habitat, disturbance, and other environmental factors influence grass distribution and how grasses serve as indicators of site condition.

Instructors: Kerry Heise and Geri Hulse-Stephens are botanical consultants based in Mendocino County. They use their knowledge of the Northwestern California flora conducting floristic surveys, designing and implementing rare plant monitoring studies, and collecting plant vouchers for local and regional herbaria. For several years they were instructors for the CNPS Plant Science Training Program and more recently they teach plant identification workshops locally.

What to Bring:

Gear for rain or shine, good walking shoes or boots, hat, water, sunscreen, lunch, 10x hand lens, millimeter ruler, zip-loc bags for collecting samples, and notebook.

 Registration $45 per person or $40 for accredited California Naturalists
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