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The UC Hopland Research & Extension Center is a multi-disciplinary research and education facility in California’s north coast region. Celebrating our 60th anniversary during 2011, we are stewards of more than 5,300 acres of oak woodland, grassland, chaparral, and riparian environments.

Our mission is through science to find better ways to manage our natural resources and conduct sustainable agricultural practices, for the benefit of California’s citizens. Field experiments and demonstrations conducted here since 1951 have led to more than 1,400 publications in animal science, entomology, plant ecology, public health, watershed management, and wildlife biology.

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Happenings at Hopland REC

  • Black Skimmer #417 for Mendocino

    Added July 6, 2014
    IMG 1319 copy

    The UC Hopland Research & Extension Center has been the repository for Mendocino County bird observation records for about 25 years.   "Birding" is a rapidly growing leisure-time activity in North America and portions of the record keeping...

  • Bad news for Bandtails

    Added July 2, 2014
    IMG 1293 copy

    One of the resident bird species found in Mendocino County is the Band-tailed Pigeon (Patagioenas fasciata). The coastal subspecies (P.f. monilis) is commonly found at the UC Hopland Research & Extension Center during fall,winter, and spring months...

  • Efficient water use in vineyards - SEMINAR

    Added June 27, 2014
    NRCSsoils 226

    The North Coast is in the midst of the worst drought conditions on record.  Wine grape production is Mendocino County's leading agricultural crop, and managing for the 2014 grape crop requires an understanding of balance between the grape crop needs...

  • Research Spotlight: Impacts of Soil Warming on Organic Matter Decomposition

    Added June 26, 2014

    Impacts of soil warming and plant roots on organic matter decomposition in a Mediterranean grassland Accurate understanding of soil carbon cycling is critical for predicting future climate. Decomposition of root litter and its transformation into soil...

  • A farewell to Dr. Robert M. Timm

    Added June 25, 2014
    IMG 1823copy

    Next week, after 27 years of service as the director of the UC Hopland Research & Extension Center, Dr. Robert M. Timm is retiring.   "Bob" is only the second "director" (used to be called Superintendent) of HREC (used to be called "Hopland...

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