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Hopland Hikes: Self-Guided Hikes

Date: April 17, 2021

Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Contact: Hannah Bird hbird@ucanr.edu

Sponsor: Hopland Research and Extension Center

Location: 4070 University Rd, Hopland, CA 95449, USA

Event Details

Need to get out for a hike? UC Hopland Research and Extension Center (HREC) is offering self guided hikes on selected Saturdays through spring 2021. Hikes are open to small social pod groups of no more than 10 individuals. Registration online and compliance with all Mendocino County and HREC safety rules are required. On the day check-in takes place from 9-10am. Due to our use of guardian dogs, no dogs are allowed. Please read all the information below to review the hike terrain, rules and registration process.

Hike Route Details

Morning mist across the pastures at Hopland REC.
This hike covers 2 miles, following basic trails well marked by cones, past an ancient sag pond, and through rangeland and oak woodland. These trails are marshy in some areas as you cross seasonal creeks and good footwear/a willingness to take a “skip” across these streams is necessary! The loop includes some moderately steep sections with a total elevation change of 403ft.

Looking across Sanel Valley to Duncan's Peak from Hopland REC.

Registering to Hike

Registering to hike can be done in four steps:

1) Review and agree to the hiking rules below.
2) Click this link to register online by 2pm the day before you wish to hike. Hikes are offered every Saturday through January between 9am and 2pm. 
3) Review this Visitor Clearance Survey before you travel to hike, you must self certify that you have cleared this survey to begin your hike.
4) Complete and sign this liability waiver:

Liability waiver - to be completed and signed by every member of your hiking group.

These waivers should either be e-mailed to hbird@ucanr.edu  in advance of your hike, or printed and brought with you on the day of your hike. E-signature or a scanned signature is acceptable.

Self-Guided Hike Rules

  • You must register online by 2pm the day prior to your hike.
  • Each hiking group must be in the same social bubble, maximum group size of 9 people.  
  • Adhere to all Mendocino County health order rules. 
  • Wear masks inside, and outside whenever within 6 feet of another hiking group. Remain masked during certain activities which cause people to more forcefully expel airborne particles, such as running, making the usual minimum six feet social distancing requirement, less adequate.
  • Adhere to all health & safety instructions and posted signs or other information while present onsite. 
  • Avoid congregating when checking in, during the hike or when leaving the property. 
  • No dogs allowed (due to sheep and guardian dog presence on the property). 
  • No bathrooms are provided. Please hike in the knowledge that there are no public bathrooms available at the site. 
  • Review Visitor Clearance Survey prior to arrival. Please only travel to hike if you are "cleared" from the results of this survey.
  • Every member of your party must sign a liability waiver and confirm that you are cleared to visit from the visitor clearance survey.
  • Leave at least one active cell phone number that the group will monitor while on the hike at the registration table. Registration will be open from 9-10am on the morning of your hike; you must arrive within this time period. 
  • Stay on the marked trail – cell tower loop, no other trails or roads will be open to hiking. 
  • Text HREC Community Educator when you leave the property, or for support on the trail. 
  • All hikers must have left the property by 2pm. If we have not received a text confirmation that you have left by this time, we will call to check on your location. 
  • If heavy rain impacts your hike day, please call HREC Community Educator.

$0-$10 per person, per hike, a sliding scale of payment is available, no-one turned away due to lack of funds.

Click here to register.

Event Reminder

Webmaster Email: hbird@ucanr.edu