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Hopland Hikes: Drop by Drop - a journey through our watershed

Date: March 11, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Contact: Hannah Bird (707) 744 1424 ext 105 hbird@ucanr.edu

Sponsor: Hopland Research and Extension Center

Event Details

Follow the journey of a drop of rain through our watershed, from the ridgeline, down hills, through valleys and into creek channels that feed the Russian River. Explore the water cycle with Dr. Sam Sandoval Solis and Dr. Ted Grantham, who will help us understand the challenges facing our watersheds and encourage us to see how our activities on the land determine the conditions of our rivers and streams. This is a strenuous hike with some steep sections off trails and uneven surfaces along streams. Although the hike is just over 2 miles, the incline and rough ground make this hike appropriate for hikers who are well accustomed to steep terrain. 

$5 per person, please click here to register online.
Space on this hike is limited so register early!

Ted Grantham
Ted Grantham, Ph.D. is a cooperative extension specialist and adjunct professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at U.C. Berkeley. He is a watershed scientist who studies how human land- and water-use activities affect freshwater ecosystems and the services they provide. More information on his research and extension activities can be found at https://nature.berkeley.edu/granthamlab

Samuel Sandoval Solis, Ph.D. is an assistant professor and cooperative extension specialist. His expertise is in water resources planning and management. During decision making process, Samuel is the person working between the scientists, engineers, environmentalists, system operators and decision makers; he integrates ideas into policies and quantifies benefits and drawbacks. Samuel shares his expertise and passion for quantitative water planning with students through his course entitled Water, Science and Management (ESM-121) in which he demonstrates to student tools and methods to design sustainable water resources systems. Email: samsandoval@ucdavis.edu

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